The All Americans

William's Story

William Matthews is a renowned Christian singer-songwriter and worship leader. His solo album entitled, “Hope’s Anthem” along with albums featuring hit songs like “Freedom”, “Deep Cries Out”, “Shine On Us” & “Glory to Glory” have consistently charted on Billboard.

William has toured both domestically and internationally over the last 7 years and he is the creator and host of the podcast “CultureShock,” which has over several thousand subscribers. William grew up in Michigan and North Carolina and currently resides in Los Angeles.

Sometimes historic moments arise when more is at stake than politics–when the integrity of our faith and humanity hangs in the balance. November 2016 is one of those moments.  Racism strikes at the heart of the gospel, and racial justice is at the core of Jesus’ message.  Donald J. Trump has inspired a movement that perpetuates and condones racism in this country—both explicitly and implicitly. We cannot ignore this bigotry. No matter what other issues we also care about, Mr. Trump’s racist and xenophobic rhetoric and policies are morally unacceptable. I’m proud to be both a Christian and an American, but Donald Trump is Not Who We Are.

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