The All Americans

Belen's Story

At 6 years old, I came to the United States with my mom from my home country of Argentina. I never really felt like I was any different from any of my peers, but little did I know the obstacles my new life in Arizona would bring me. I went to high school in Florence, Arizona a small conservative town, passing by the immigrant detention center on my way to school everyday since it was just a few miles away . I began to become active in the immigrant rights community and in politics when I witnessed the effects it had on my family and personal life as an undocumented student. I have been an activist and organizer ever since, working endlessly to make my voice heard in politics through the mobilization of those who can vote.

As an undocumented Latina this election could turn my entire world upside down. A Trump presidency to me would mean the deportation of some of my closest loved ones and friends. It would mean saying goodbye to the place I call home. It would mean watching my hopes and dreams of earning a higher education and law degree slip away because without Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), I could no longer pay the high tuition fees. This election year is important to me because I will not stand by voiceless and allow one man to continue to spread hate and fear amongst vulnerable communities like my own.