The All Americans

Almir's Story

In the early nineties I moved to the United States from Bosnia with my family. Fast forward 20 years, I was commissioned as a 2LT in the US Army branching Infantry. Knowing well that the War on Terror was in full swing, I knew that I would either serve in Iraq or Afghanistan for the duration of my career in the military. I didn’t see it as a burden, but rather as a responsibility to a country that opened its doors to my refugee family in need that that just happened to be members of the Muslim faith. I proudly served multiple tours in Afghanistan helping to promote freedom and confront extremism and terror.

The U.S. welcomed my Muslim family as refugees from Bosnia and in return they gained a U.S. Army combat veteran, reservist and computer engineer who loves America and is grateful for all the opportunities it provided for my family. Donald Trump’s hateful and bigoted rhetoric about Muslims, refugees, women and many other groups will cause real damage and alienate many folks including myself and family members who want to serve our country whether as soldiers, scientists and defenders of our pluralistic, Democratic values. Donald Trump wants to slam the door on families like mine who can and do make many contributions to our national life and values. Donald Trump is not who we are or what we should aspire to be as a country.

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